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Good Morning Vietnam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vietnam was the next destination. From Shianokville we took a taxi ride for 5 hrs to the southern border (a new one). When we got there he seemed to have a problem getting our stuff out of the boot!!! it was stuck..in the end seb and john had to tear out his back seats of his car !!! woppppssssss.....

The vietnam border was fine, there was no one there, no tourists, no touts...nada....(we went through the Ving Xuong/Chau Doc Crossing) we passed through xray machines and then through the various posts....immigration...health etc ....they all took themselves rather seriously, quite funny as they are only sitting in little green huts.. on the other side we took a 1hr moped ride to the nearest town to get a bus....

As usual we got the slow bus that took quite awhile but eventually arrived in Ho Chi Minh at about 1am...

Ho Chi Minh was a cool city....absolutly crazy drivers....they all just go at each other from everywhere, mopeds, cars, lorries...then there will be some little old woman who is crossing the road in the middle of it all and miraculously she doesnt get hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im afraid im having abit of trouble remembering what i did in Ho Chi
Minh...i think we took a motobike taxi around the city abit...

The next day we flew to Hanoi and stayed in the OLd Quatre. A really nice part of the city. I had probably one of the most surreal days of my life here. We got some moto drivers to take us to this big lake, which happened to have a fair ground at. It looked completly shut down but he assured us it was open. Nothign was going, no rides, no noise, car park was empty...!!!
we went to the ticket booth and there was someone there!!! After entering the park we were ushered around each ride which was opened expecially for us!! it was like having our own private theme park...was great. We had loads of goes on the bumper cars and afew on the roller coaster. Unfotunalty John was sick on one of the rides...and im sorry to say it was the kiddy ride!!! (hee heeee)
It was a great yet weird day out. The next morning we hopped on a flight to Bangkok.

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